Athlete Motivation

How do BHS students maintain motivation?

Stephanie Rodriguez, Reporter

Since the beginning of high school can be overwhelming, especially for our athletes, I wondered how they managed to keep everything regarding school in balance.

It amazes me how well they are able to handle their social life, their school work and sports along with all the other things they have to deal on a daily basis. How do our BHS athletes do it? What is their motivation to keep going?

Mia Baillargeon, a 2022 cheerleader explains, “I just have to be smart about time management and as soon as I get home, homework is my first priority”.

When asked about why she joined cheerleading, Mia responded, “I wanted to be more involved in my school and I thought the idea of just meeting new people through cheer would make me feel more comfortable in high school”.

“When I was young I was a sports athlete and it just brought me so much joy and I was motivated to give back so I was umpire, referee in my younger years and when I got older I became a coach” said Ms. Marlie Davis when asked what her motivation was to be a coach.

Keep up the hard work, athletes, and Go Cougs!