We love you, Band!

The spirit behind the Friday Night Lights

Nyla Libed, Online Editor, Copy Editor

The atmosphere of a Bothell High School football game is never complete without the Cougar marching band present. “Every game is better with the band,” says Sharky Gasparek (‘20), an avid student section member and previous member of the Cougar marching band. But what is it that makes the marching band so lively in the stands and professional on the field?

Marching band is definitely no walk in the park. With a large amount of freshmen joining, as well as the very little preparation time during marching band camp (due to the horrible air quality), everybody was struggling, from the freshmen to the seniors. But what kept them going is their genuine love for music, and desire to improve and impress the people sitting in the student section at home games. “We had more rehearsals and we felt more prepared,” says Johnny Huynh (‘21), lead snare player in the Bothell drumline. “It’s always really cool seeing how excited the students are.”

The marching band has done everything they possibly could to deliver a good performance to the students of Bothell High, and they will continue to do so until the last minute of every game during Bothell High School’s football season.