Today in History

October 23rd

Aleah Josephson, Sports Editor

The most prominent events which occurred on October 23rd are the release of “Dumbo” in 1941, Nixon’s agreement to turn over his documents in 1973 and the release of the ipod in 2001.

Dumbo, a well renowned Disney film and theme park attraction, has been a favorite among all ages for decades.

In 1973, Richard Nixon’s decision to allow the documents of the Watergate Scandal to be handed over was a turning point in political history. His invasion of the Democratic Party’s privacy through wiretapping and use of presidential power to do so caused a nationwide distrust of the White House as well as a tightened grip from Congress.

More recently, the Ipod was significant for it paved the way to the electronic advances we are making to this day.

From film to politics, October 23rd is a day of advances and childhood memories that should be remembered by all.