AGI and Robotics

The end of the world or the start of an utopian society?

Nathan Kowsky and Bryanna Fernandez

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is what we know as robots.  These robots could perform any intellectual task a human can.

Based on the path our world is heading with technology, it seems that self-aware autonomous constructed intelligence will appear in 2025.  Cascio, J. (2014, August 6) Predictions for the State of AI and Robotics in 2025

 Many people like the idea of daily activities made easy or even eliminated due to AGI.  Others worry that we may become too dependent on robots, or that they also might replace us.

The economy is going to be drastically different in our lifetimes regarding AGI.  “A November 2017 report from global management consulting firm McKinsey on the effects of automation on jobs, skills and wages for the period ending in 2030 estimates that fully 50% of current work activities are automatable by technologies that have already been tested and found effective.”  Kak, S. (2018, February 7) Will robots take your job? Humans ignore the coming AI revolution at their peril.


While in the long run this will prove to improve safety, hours and wages for human workers, in the short term there will be a massive unemployment increase and decrease in jobs.  Great things are bound to happen, but we all have to be ready.

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