How seniors are using their vote

What do BHS students have to say about the upcoming midterms?

Nathan Kowsky, reporter

On November 4th, all ten seats for Washington State’s delegation in the US House of Representatives are up for election, as well as 25 of the 49 state legislature lower house seats, while the other 24 will be elected in 2020.

That said, many students are approaching voting age, and offered to share their opinion regarding five major issues.

All those interviewed supported women’s choice. However, people believed in different circumstances, such as “a possible limit to the amount [of abortions] per person in a period of time…” Cole Levenda (‘19).

Regarding decriminalization or legalization of drugs, “It [marijuana] should be legalized for tax revenue…” Ethan Mediema (‘19). Stances were divided here, as some believed it should only be used medicinally, and some argued all drugs should be decriminalized or legalized, with exceptions such as “keep meth and heroin completely illegal…” Mason Hayes (‘19).

In the case of gun control, the possibility of restricting certain weapons was considered. However, “certain people should not be able to qualify for ownership of a firearm…” Mediema feels and people be ruled unsafe for a weapon depending on their past or intentions. “Don’t ban guns, but make it harder to get one…” says Hayes.

As for healthcare, some stated the government should provide some basic healthcare, or “It should be run by the private sector with no government influence…” Levenda. No one thought the government alone should provide it, as “some people who are on provided healthcare don’t care about their situation and won’t try to fix it…” according to Henry Burke (‘19).

Concerning immigration, the economic downside with an influx of illegal immigrants was brought up. However it was generally agreed that citizenship should be made easier to acquire. This means less steps, smaller fees, and that “We should work with the Mexican government…” says Burke. He also meant this regarding other countries refugee problems.

Each person stated their political ideology, with Burke representing the Democratic Party, Levenda with the Republican Party, Mediema as a Conservative Democrat, and Hayes as a Liberal Conservative. This is just a bit of insight on the different beliefs students hold as the Midterms arrive.


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