Raising Theybies

Male or female-how about neither!

Michael Marquess II, Cover Editor, Art Editor

It is a boy or a girl? For ages this question has haunted countless soon-to-be parents. However, parents have now begun to question their own authority on answering that question.

Enter the theyby, a baby without a gender designation, being pushed in modern America to promote children’s rights.

Ever since a couple from Toronto announced their decision in 2011 to raise their child as a “theyby”, more and more parents have joined in on the movement.

Supporters of this decision vocalize that in a progressively accepting environment such as America, it is important to give every human being the right to decide their gender… even at infancy.

“I agree with it.” says Slone Sasouvanhh (‘20). “Transexuality is a thing. They should be whoever they want to be; no one can stop them.”

However, the rest of the world may not feel that way yet. Developmental experts say the children who do not openly conform to a gender are more likely to be bullied and ostracized by peers.

Still, the movement continues to grow, amassing over 220 members in a Facebook group promoting the nurturing of theybies.

According to the data from the 2016 survey administered by the Innovation Group, as of right now, 56% of Generation Z report knowing people who go by gender-neutral pronouns. The American youth is more receptive of transexuality than ever before. While the popularity of theybies concerns experts and parents alike, only time will tell of its outcome.

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