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Black Lives Matter.

Diya Anoop and Malavika Santhosh June 19, 2020

People scream in the streets, their voices hoarse as they cry for justice. They march protesting the murder of innocents. Fires flare, windows shatter, and an acrid chemical smell fills the air.  People...

America’s Chronic Case of Systemic Racism

Diya Anoop and Malavika Santhosh June 19, 2020

Racism has been rampant in this country since its very foundation. It is enforced by systems that have been in place for hundreds of years. America’s first organized police force, for example, was initially...

Well, AP Exams sucked.

Jane Wang, Reporter June 11, 2020

There are few feelings more disgusting than the shamelessness of your nervous system as soon as the AP exam proctor says, “You have 50 minutes to complete the first part of the exam. Your time starts...

Staring at Screens

Jane Wang, Reporter June 11, 2020

In 6th grade, my English teacher made my class read an article about how, on average, teenagers spent 8 hours a day on various electronic devices. I thought that was stupid, because 8 hours was as long...

The Value of Finding a New Hobby During Quarantine

Mary Conaway, Reporter June 11, 2020

Most days in quarantine can feel like an endless cycle of scrolling through the various social media apps on your phone. For me, during the first few weeks of quarantine at least, this is what most my...

The Coronavirus pandemic and Gen Z

Malavika Santhosh, Reporter June 11, 2020

It’s been around three months since quarantine began and the coronavirus pandemic has taken over lives. As the pandemic has shut people into their homes, overworked medical professionals, and pushed...

Reopening America

Diya Anoop, Reporter June 11, 2020

  On May 4th Washington State’s Governor Jay Inslee first announced his “Safe Start” plan for reopening Washington state. An updated plan further outlining specific guidelines was later released...

Coronavirus and the Environment

Malavika Santhosh, Reporter June 11, 2020

It seems that the only good news we have gotten during this pandemic, aside from John Krasinki’s Some Good News of course, has been the news of how the environment is benefiting from the pandemic. With...

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