The voice of the students

The Catamount

The voice of the students

The Catamount

The voice of the students

The Catamount

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Is freedom eternal or ephemeral?

Fleeting or forever?

Perhaps it is not beginning 

But has always been

Never needed to start 

Never shall reach an end 


Is it wrong to feel

To feel fallen when you are among stars? 

Is it cruel to say goodbye to what matters 

Yet makes no sense?


When all is lost, nothing is found 

Not till midnight when a new day sounds 

Not till morning can all be calm 

Not till right reverses wrong 


What we find right is the right of our hearts

The will and strength to never fall apart

When the shackles of life are binding 

Your liberty, your freedom will sing


However, is it wrong to feel grateful 

That the chains are gone when you happily

Happily bound yourself to begin with? 


Where does the light begin and end? 

When will we stop the endless cycle 

Of shackling ourselves 

to needless and wantless

To the matterless and worthless 

When will our eyes clear 

To see that nothing embodied our everything 

Is it impossible?


Impossible says doubt 

Impossible says fear 

But impossible is inaction 

Impossible is forgetting 

Impossible is falling

And impossible is the end 


When calls your heart, let mind answer 

Let spirit echo the strings of fate 

Let the weaver bring your tale to life 

Let a tapestry of stars cover your dying heart 


Allow passion to ignite

Burn its light into the shadows 

Burn away the darkness 

And awaken 

Awaken the lost 

Awaken your Liberty


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