The voice of the students

The Catamount

The voice of the students

The Catamount

The voice of the students

The Catamount

Forest of the Lost
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A child absent-mindedly strolls through the foggy forest under the starry night sky. The child begins to slow down, eventually stops walking, and thinks: “Where am I?”. 

The child looks around to take in their surroundings. A thick fog makes it nigh impossible to see through the trees. The stars are barely visible when looking up, and one can hear howling. 

Despite the circumstances, the child is calm. Their mind is almost as foggy as the forest they are in, with one thought running through their mind: “Wasn’t I going somewhere important?” 

The howling gets louder and closer. The child looks towards the noise. Through the fog, they can barely see a silhouette of a dog with large bat-like ears and a long neck. The child blankly stares ahead as the dog and howling gets closer. Before the child can react, it lunges towards them through the fog and…

…happily lands in front of the child. Confused at first, the child gets a good look at the dog. The dog is a Xoloitzcuintli, or Mexican Hairless, dog breed. It’s happily wagging its tail and has a blue collar around its neck with the word “Os” written on it. Os the dog happily barks to them. The child walks up and gently pats Os’ head, and Os seems to like it.

Os turns around and barks three times in succession. The child turns their head in the direction Os is barking at and sees a small figure walk out of the fog: a black cat. The black cat stares at the child with its sparkling blue eyes, and the child stares back into them. A purple collar is around the cat’s neck with a silver tag hanging off it with the name “Dusk” engraved. 

Os quickly looks at Dusk, tilting their head in a questioning manner. Dusk nods their head, causing Os to let out a happy bark. Dusk sighs and looks at the child again, gesturing with their head behind them as they walk back into the fog. Os joyfully follows Dusk. The child, having nothing else to do, follows the two.

Traveling through the forest, taking seemingly random twists and turns through the trees, the two stop. The child stops behind them, looking forward to see why they suddenly stopped. The child sees a bright, warm light. The child gazes at the light and feels anxious, but they don’t know why. The child’s focus shifts to their two companions, who now turn towards them. Os has a bittersweet look on their face. Dawn steps towards the child until they are in front of them. Dawn gives the child a smile and reassuring meow. Then, the two animals step away to form a path to the light. The child looks at the light again, but instead of feeling anxious, the child feels peaceful. 

Os and Dawn observe as the child moves towards and into the comforting light. The child felt anxious, then peace, then nothing, as they disappeared into the light.

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