The voice of the students

The Catamount

The voice of the students

The Catamount

The voice of the students

The Catamount

The Island of Nod
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You open your eyes and see a bright, starry night sky. You are lying on a soft field and are surrounded by blooming flowers, it feels like spring. 

That’s weird, last time you checked it was January in the middle of winter. …also, weren’t you in your room studying for something important? 

You get up and begin to look around. The sound of a meow catches your attention. Turning around, a little gray cat with an orange nose and yellow eyes is there. It smiles when you see it. The gray cat meows again and begins to walk away. 

You aren’t entirely sure what’s happening right now. The cat stops and looks back at you, tilting their head a little. Maybe it wants you to follow it? You decide to walk to where the cat is. The cat gives you a smile before continuing to walk somewhere.

After walking for a while, the gray cat stops as they have reached their destination. You also stop walking to see where the cat has taken you. It’s a basic log cabin with no windows and two doors. The gray cat strolls up and enters the house through the smaller door. You decide to open the bigger door to see what’s inside. 

Inside the cabin, you see a large bookshelf on the left side of the room and a small wooden table and chair on the right side of the room. On the table is the cat, reading a math textbook. 

Huh, that’s familiar. …wait, you remember now. You were cramming in preparations for your first-semester finals exams before you passed out from sleep deprivation on the desk. That’s going to be a problem, you barely remember anything from that cramming session. You are so going to fail those final exams.

The cat is now looking at you. They close their book and walk over to the bookshelf. They climb up and pull some of the books out, then they drag the books over to you. These books include some school textbooks and a notebook. Interested, you pick up the books and go to the table, and the cat follows you. Sitting down and opening a math textbook, it seems to be covering everything you need to know for your final exams. Well, that’s convenient. The cat gives you a reassuring smile. 

Thus, you would spend your time studying. The cat would point things out or write notes when you were having trouble with some parts. Eventually, you would get to a point where you were comfortable with everything you learned. You weren’t sure why you specifically came here to get studying help from this cat, but you appreciated it. The cat happily smiles and lays down to take a nap. Also tired, you decide to do the same…

You wake up on your desk, still clearly remembering everything that happened. You quickly get up and prepare yourself for the school day, a little more confident than you were last night.

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