The voice of the students

The Catamount

The voice of the students

The Catamount

The voice of the students

The Catamount

Faces – Poem

Image Credit: Julia Watts (Sketchbook)


I’ve had many names throughout the years 

Years upon years of life leading to where? 

A given, an asian, a secret, a self-proclaimed 

Little cold, jewel bug are some of the few 


I’ve been the face of an infant in the cold 

Unknown and understood

The face of child over the sea 

To a new world away from home

The face of a woman in the blue 

In the background of it all 


Waiting for a moment to take off the mask. 

To strip the faces and phases of the years 

Waiting in the wings to become more 

To let the feathers and jewels and lies fall away 

Waiting for the dawn of a new day to rise 


A survivor of storms, a survivor of death 

How and why I cheated death? I will never know for sure. 

Of all the faces, the names, the titles i’ve been given 

Are all a phase of foggy past and foreboding future 

Like a moon waxing and waning in the ticking time 


They say stars align to decide your fate 

What fate is mine that follows the stars 

In skies above or oceans below 

Where does this path converge and grow?

A star that’s fallen is no use to the beholder 

The beholder that sees not value or worth 

In the fallen star lies secrets concealed 

In the stardust, it’s simple 

It’s only what you make 

Take it as you will 

Consequence will follow 

Take it with pride and shame 


The face behind it all is only waiting to see 

The realm I’ve created from stardust strands of fate.

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