Burst Your Bubble

You grew up as a kid dreaming of fairy tales, 

wanting that saved-by-a-dragon, prince-charming kind of love. 

And then, one day down the path,

you realise that not all love is 

as enchanting as it sounds. 

Sorry to burst your bubble


As children, we mimic those around us; 

our parents, and all the traits they give. 

We see the good and the bad and the inbetween, 

but somewhere in ourselves we see them,

and though it may be for better or for worse,

we can’t help but think,

“Is that really me?”

Sorry to burst  your bubble. 


Ice cream or chocolate, salty or sweet?

Decisions, decisions.

What do I think?

Do I take flight or fancy? Adventure and go?

Or do I settle down safe? Or maybe end broke and alone.

The choices we make defines who we are. 

Choose right or choose wrong,

Decisions, decisions. 

Sorry to burst your bubble. 


Childhood wonder is humorously sweet, 

you could do anything you wanted if you set your mind to it. 

You could climb mountains, you could fly kites.

You could pretend to be a pirate, or a mermaid or knight.

But now life is dull, the years drag along.

Life’s joy and excitement is simply foregone.

Sorry to burst your bubble.