Land moves past,
Water goes under
Sky is still above
Trees grow further

Under a useful bridge
Climbing a useful ramp
Inside a useful engine
On a useful seat

“Consistency” Muttered I
Gazing about the distant view.
“Con-sis-ten-cy” Muttered I once more,
While fingers drew on the pane.

Using a useful limb.
Thinking with useful brain.
Saying useful words.
Spoken from my useless tongue.

Words from I are not welcoming,
Nor cheery or flirty.
They sting, burn like lit ash.
Useless in the end.

Making useless plans,
Starting useless fights.
Trying useless nonsense,
With my useless voice.

‘Tis not a spoken language,
But may sway anyway.
Useful fellows support me,
Useless words, spoken from they.

They matter little to I.
Caring is not on my agenda.
But somehow I end up caring,
About the view, I’ve spoken of.

Consistency is useful.
Consistency is useless.
Consistency is useful to block the view,
Of useless consistency outside.