Art of The Performance

Honorable folks die facing war.
That’s all that shall be said.
No rhythm, nor rhyme.
No beat to persuade.

Honorable folks die facing truth.
That’s all that shall be recalled.
No scheme, nor rhetoric.
No fancy syntax to make hearts swell

Honorable folks die pursuing new.
That’s all that shall be stated.
No twist, nor turn.
No spiced up content to spin.

Aspiring Honorable folks;
Lend ear to my words,
Embrace what you can’t see,
Can’t hear, touch, smell, or taste.

Art of the performance,
Practiced in many forms.
Dishonorable folks will use this,
To guide your thoughts astray.

Don’t play their game Honorable one.

The purpose:

Listen to your heart these next few weeks; propaganda, articles littered with rhetoric, fallacy, and conspiracy will twist and turn your thoughts. It’s only a performance, hence why political science is arguably an art. Many artists in the practice are out to preach their beliefs, but be mindful of those who seek to spread corrosion throughout the system. Evidence is your friend in this unprecedented time, due to the extreme left and right beliefs being fabricated from American rage, sorrow, and desperateness. Our nation has a name of unity, let us not break the code that our founding fathers voiced 239 years ago. Your Red or Blue or Yellow or Green beliefs cannot undermine who you truly are… American.