People, Hear Our Plea

Joseph Riggio, Guest Writer

People of the world,

Hear our plea.

Chaos is erupting,

Mankind is suffering.


People of America,

Fight for your life,

Not with clenched fists,

But with words instead.


People of the community,

Vote for a change.

Praise your beliefs,

In the most peaceful of ways.


People of all race,

Join hand in hand,

For a future much brighter,

Than the darker half of America…


That exists still to this day.


Author’s Note: Written on May 29th, 11:00 p.m., 3 days after the Minneapolis protest in regards to the police brutality following George Floyd’s murder. One of the CNN reporters I happen to stumble upon flipping through the channels on my television, summarized the sporadic protests as such, “There is a darker half of America that is being uncovered tonight.” Inspired by this thought-provoking remark, I drafted this poem and posted it on my social media later that night.