Senior Feature Q&A: Michael Marquess

Diya Anoop, Reporter

Q: Name / Staff Position 

A: Michael Marquess / Editor-in-chief 


Q: Why did you decide to join the newspaper? 

A: I had the choice of either Newspaper Staff or Physics to fill my empty 6th period slot. I went with the former.


Q: What have you published that you were the most proud of and why? 

A: My hit pieces on the ASB were a bit obnoxious in hindsight, but nonetheless satisfying to write. I thought Xanman was pretty dope too.


Q: Describe a memorable experience working on the Catamount (maybe an interview, a deadline, a late night work session, a memorable quote, etc): 

A: The opening monologue that kicked off the beginning of each period. Listening to Mr. Crouch, Téa, and me rant about something was always fun to listen to.


Q: Describe any regrets/frustrations with losing the final 3 print issues of the Catamount your senior year. What would you have wanted to publish in print?  

A: It sucks. It feels like a part of the class’s livelihood has been stolen. I would’ve liked to publish more opinion pieces from myself and the staff, and further elevated The Catamount’s presence in the final weeks leading up to graduation.


Q: What are your plans for next year and beyond?

A: To go to college to escape the stifling grasps of high school, but also remind myself that I will always be a student under the teacher that is life.

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