Senior Feature Q&A: Ethan Yamamoto

Bean Lowe, Reporter

Q: Name/Staff Position

A: Ethan Yamamoto, I forgot but I think cover editor.

Q: Why did you decide to join the Catamount staff?

A: I was always interested when the paper came out and was distributed to my class. It was fun being able to read fellow students’ articles on a variety of topics. Also, some of my friends were in the class.”

Q: What have you published in the paper (article, art, design, etc) that you’re most proud of, and why?

A: Ethan’s Munchies Review because it allowed me to try new things that I kind of wanted to try and share my experience with others because who doesn’t like food. We also got to use Grubhub during class which was cool.”

Q: Describe a memorable experience working on the Catamount (maybe an interview, a deadline, a late night work session, a memorable quote, etc):

A: “Press day was my favorite because it was just a bunch of us after school eating snacks, rushing to finish our articles and make sure there are no mistakes. It was just a solid time.

Q: Describe any regrets/frustrations with losing the final 3 print issues of the Catamount your senior year. What would you have wanted to publish in print?

A: “I just miss being able to hang out with everyone and end the issues the right way. I would’ve wanted to publish an article where me and other catamount staff members test and review some crazy food recipe.”

Q: What are your plans for next year and beyond?

A: “I plan to attend UW Seattle and major in business. I’m also doing Air Force ROTC at UW and I am growing an interest in becoming a fighter pilot for the Air Force.


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