Senior Feature Q&A: Nyla Libed

Jesus Sanchez Cruz

Q: Name/Staff Position

A: Nyla Libed / Copy Editor

Q: Why did you decide to join the Catamount staff?

A: I decided to join the Catamount staff because I wanted a chance to explore different styles of writing and find new ways to improve.

Q: What have you published in the paper (article, art, design, etc) that you’re most proud of, and why?

A: It’s not really much, but I really like each of my layouts for every paper. There’s just something about being able to get everything to fit nicely on the page that’s super satisfying.

Q: Describe a memorable experience working on the Catamount (maybe an interview, a deadline, a late night work session, a memorable quote, etc):

A: There was one after-school session where I wasn’t doing too much, and I had a little competition with Mary over a few computer games (Pac-Man, the no-WiFi dinosaur game, and another one that I can’t remember). Winner got Starbucks. I won.

Q: Describe any regrets/frustrations with losing the final 3 print issues of the Catamount your senior year. What would you have wanted to publish in print?

A: I just would have liked to see the paper in general be published. I don’t care what anyone says, digital copies really don’t have the same feeling as physical copies, especially when it comes to a newspaper. And like, no one reads the website. I kind of doubt people even know it exists, lol.

Q: What are your plans for next year and beyond?

A: My plans are to attend college at Central Washington University. Everything’s just been kind of up in the air for me lately, and I’m just kind of hoping that I’ll figure everything out as I go along.

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