A new way to learn

What are virtual classrooms, and are they actually effective?

Rebecca Del La Torre, Reporter

Online schooling has evolved since the 1960s. Now it is easier to access courses and materials needed for schooling. Virtual classroom is an online learning environment, it is web-based, and accessed through a software-based file. There are different types of software and each act as a different type of learning, some consist of video voiceover, visual communication conferencing, and live streaming. This software (depending on which one you use) acts as a real-life classroom where certified teachers and student applied to software go to work (learn cube.com).

With the conveniences of taking online schooling applies, are virtual classrooms really effective? A pro is it gives students and teacher a one on one learning experience. In real life classrooms, both students and teachers can lose something. Teachers may have to repeat material and waste time and students have a risk of not understanding the subject. A main advantage to taking this software is through traditional learning and virtual learning they both play a teachers role. Through virtual learning, these softwares collect your progress and information from it to create a course that is for you individually. This a huge advantage for students and instructors, not only are you getting the material made you it also gives teachers insight on how you learn.