Coocoo for coconut oil?

Is it truly a healthy alternative?

Mary Conaway, News Editor

In the recent years, coconut oil has gained popularity and has been health trend throughout the world. However, after a Harvard professor, Dr. Karen Michels, calling this supposedly healthy oil “pure poison,” many questions have been raised for people who use it on a daily basis.

Many people have been using coconut oil as a healthy alternative to canola oil or any other “harmful” oil. Mia Johnson (‘20) who sees it being used frequently in her house said it is, “probably a healthier alternative, I would think.” And according to a website The Health Line, some studies have shown numerous health benefits to coconut oil such as reducing appetite, aiding metabolism, and losing fat.

But recent studies have contradicted these ideas and instead show that harmful effects of coconut oil outweigh the much anticipated benefits. As explained by the Guardian, coconut oil contains a high amount of LDL cholesterol, thus increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

After interviewing Johnson she concluded that this current health trend is really just a “phase.” In my opinion, I agree with this idea because similar to smoking, it became much less popular after all the health risks were out in the open. Since the research is out about the health risks of the oil, there’s a chance the popularity with using it as a healthy alternative in food will decline.