Who’s fearing the five schedules?

When punctuality becomes punishing

Bianca Geib, Forum Editor, Co-Online Editor

In any given week, there are five different schedules for the five days of school. This means that class start times change daily, plus whenever there’s an altered schedule.

I talked to Rebecca Del La Torre (‘22), and she said that the bell schedules are “very confusing”, “need to be more clear”, and that she has “lots of questions.”

I am a running start student, so my first class of the day is fourth period. Even as a junior, I feel very similar to Del La Torre.

However, there are some benefits to this schedule. I interviewed our principal, Mr. Juan Price, and he provided some good insight into how the schedules were made.

Last spring, the administration and staff looked at the effectiveness of Cougar Time. They found that it wasn’t “meeting the needs of students.” After a long period of deliberation, they decided on the PAWS schedule, to give 15 extra minutes to do homework, talk to teachers, etc.

All in all, I really don’t like having a different schedule everyday because I believe that it disrupts our learning.

There are a few positives to the schedules. We have to ask ourselves, however, if those positives outweigh the many negatives.