New schedules

Téa Schmid, Design Editor

December 30, 2018

The Northshore School District is currently considering changing our bell schedule once again for the next school year (2019-2020). This time, they are considering a full block schedule as one option. The reason for the discussion of new schedules is to help transition students from needing twenty-on...

Admins remove bathroom doors

Nathan Kowsky, Reporter

December 30, 2018

Vaping amongst teens has reached an all-time high, and even Bothell is affected. Typically, students would go to the bathroom to vape, but the school administration recognized this problem and made an effort to stop it. Their supposed solution was to remove the doors of two of the boy’s restrooms; o...

K-Pop controversy

Nyla Libed, Copy Editor, Co-Online Editor

December 30, 2018

K-Pop has been rising exponentially in popularity in America ever since May 2017, when BTS became the first K-Pop group to win a Billboard music award. Ever since, K-Pop has taken over practically the entire country, sweeping up teenage girls of all kinds in its path. Of course, there are always haters. “I can...

Asparagus is taking over the world

Levi Gettleman and Malavika Santosh

December 30, 2018

Asparagus--what was once the king of veggies and a god amongst produce has declined in popularity in recent years and has lost the respect it merits. America, it is time to put asparagus back on the pedestal it deserves to sit upon. Whether it’s steamed, grilled, sautéed, served with a touch o...

Fast food: a monster in hiding?

Gabe Araujo, Co-Litterbox Editor

December 30, 2018

Fast-food restaurants everywhere are trying to fool us into thinking their food “won’t hurt us that much.” From showing healthy people in commercials to adding salads to the menu, restaurants will do whatever it takes to make money. In fact, according to “Fast-Food Nation: The Dark Si...

Social media’s impact

Mary Conaway, News Editor

December 30, 2018

Selfies are immensely popular among today’s youth. According to CNN, Oxford named “selfie” the word of the year in 2013. But what does “selfie” imply in social media nowadays? Editing selfies, in particular, has also become popular. Many apps have come out that are able to alter your ap...

To sleep or not to sleep?

Sanjana Chava, Feature Editor

October 26, 2018

With so many students staying up late and waking up early, it’s no wonder that many of them are unable to focus during their first class in the morning. With a later school time students could get the sleep they need; in fact, they could wake up a little early and study before school starts. Accor...

Who’s fearing the five schedules?

Bianca Geib, Forum Editor, Co-Online Editor

October 26, 2018

In any given week, there are five different schedules for the five days of school. This means that class start times change daily, plus whenever there’s an altered schedule. I talked to Rebecca Del La Torre (‘22), and she said that the bell schedules are “very confusing”, “need to be more...

Apple’s face ID faces scrutiny

Rebecca Del La Torre, Reporter

October 26, 2018

Apple has created its latest iPhones, iPhone XS and iPhone XS MAX. They’re supposedly Apple's most improved iPhones yet. iPhones XS/MAX have the largest display ever for iPhone records, XS starts at 5.8 inches whereas IX MAX starts at 6.8 inches, giving the phones a 4k view and Apple has stated”...

Living Gatsby’s legacy

Michael Marquess II, Cover Editor, Co-Art Editor

October 16, 2018

The night hasn’t even begun, and I’m already shaking.  We’re standing in line for the Homecoming dance. I can’t tell whether I’m shaking from the cold or the anxiousness. The thumping bass from the gym doesn’t help. It’s jarring to see the everyday students of Bothell dressed up so formally...

Confronting Bothell’s class size crisis

Levi Gettleman, A&E Editor

October 16, 2018

This year many students and staff members alike have returned to school noticing that their classes are larger than before. According to Ms. Jody Lineman, her classes are significantly larger than last year with her AP English Language classes last year having around 30 students compared to classes t...

Coocoo for coconut oil?

Mary Conaway, News Editor

October 16, 2018

In the recent years, coconut oil has gained popularity and has been health trend throughout the world. However, after a Harvard professor, Dr. Karen Michels, calling this supposedly healthy oil “pure poison,” many questions have been raised for people who use it on a daily basis. Many people ...