Face Off: marijuana ads

Nathan Kowsky and Mary Conaway

April 3, 2019

For: Marijuana and cannabis have always been a very controversial topic in the United States. While medicinal marijuana has been legalized in many states under certain circumstances, many health benefits have been noticed, including improving the body’s ability to fight cancerous cells and preven...

A new way to learn

Rebecca Del La Torre, Reporter

April 3, 2019

Online schooling has evolved since the 1960s. Now it is easier to access courses and materials needed for schooling. Virtual classroom is an online learning environment, it is web-based, and accessed through a software-based file. There are different types of software and each act as a different type...

Why is nobody reading our paper?

Michael Marquess, Co-Art Editor

April 3, 2019

Why doesn’t anybody read our newspapers? It’s a question that seems to be in the back of everyone’s mind, especially to those of us who sit in Room 770, toiling over the next issue of The Catamount. Oh how feverishly we work, word after word, article after article, page after page, knowing deep i...

Competition is not enough to make chess a sport

Malavika Santhosh, Reporter

April 3, 2019

Two opponents face each other, playing a game of chess. After minutes of thought, one of the players moves a piece forward. The tension in the room rises. A player runs across the court, dribbling the ball. They focus in on toward the basket and shoot the ball, scoring for their team. Cheers break...

Asking philosophical questions…

Nyla Libed and Téa Schmid

April 3, 2019

Why are humans so confident in beliefs that can’t be proven? We all have beliefs. Whether it’s to do with religion, economics, or politics, we all have our own personal beliefs. Religion, as many will point out, cannot be proven for certain. This does not stop people from believing it because it giv...

A prankster’s limits to pranks

Nyla Libed, Copy Editor, Co-Online Editor

April 3, 2019

April Fool’s Day has come and gone, and our 24 hours of comedic fun has drawn to a close. However, there are some people who, in the past, have taken “comedic fun” and pushed it beyond the limits of what most consider funny, and into the territory of totally dangerous. We’re all human, most...

NSD vs. U.S. schools

Sanjana Chava, Feature Editor

April 3, 2019

When you compare our district to other districts both in Washington and outside, you realize the many differences that may or may not put our school in disadvantage. One of the most apparent differences is the grading scale. At our school 93% to 100% is considered an A and then 90% to 92% is consider...

To TOLO and beyond

Michael Marquess, Co-Art Editor

April 3, 2019

We're one hour and 38 minutes into Tolo, and it feels like the party is yet to start. To put it bluntly, there weren't a lot of people at Tolo. Upon walking through the doors, we saw only handfuls of people staying awkwardly in place, doing their best to “have fun” while the lonely DJ thunder...

Students are not getting enough club time

Michael Marquess, Art Editor

March 22, 2019

Chimeh Esegbue (‘20) and I speed walk down the hallway. We yank open the door, and storm into Room 105, where the rest of the Key Club officers sit. We present our slide show, tout some deadlines, and answer some unenthusiastic questions. Then the bell rings. Our 20 minutes are up. The club member...

Finger Snapping

Nathan Kowsky, Reporter

March 22, 2019

Finger snapping is a skill that everyone should learn. I don’t mean normal boring snapping your fingers, I mean finger snapping. This much more civilized and evolved method of snapping should serve as a replacement to snapping and even clapping in certain situations. First off, I will discuss the...

Crouch’s Couch

Mr. Crouch, Adviser

March 22, 2019

“All people are at root time optimists. We always think there’s enough time to do things with other people. Time to say things to them. And then something happens and then we stand there holding on to words like ‘if’.” -- Fredrik Backman, A Man Called Ove “And he puzzled three hours,...

The “joke” of a generation

Téa Schmid, Design Editor

March 22, 2019

It seems like it’s impossible to be in a group of generation z/millennials without hearing the phrase “I want to kill myself.” It’s heard in conversations about school, friendships, and just life in general. This phrase, however, is taken very lightly by many who say it. It is a joke — nothing...