Letter to the Editor & Catamount Editors response

Kailani Jackson and Maddie Endicott

May 13, 2019

Concerns from your ASB student body president, James Johnson: To Whom it May Concern, I have had concerns with the Catamount’s reporting, but, more specifically, the editorial, in the past, but it is only after reading the latest edition, and seeing the effect that its pointed language has on peop...

Romanticizing mental illnesses

Nyla Libed, Copy Editor, Co-Online Editor

May 13, 2019

“I really need to fix that, sorry, it’s just my OCD.” “Sorry I’m so distracted, I have ADHD, you know.” “I was really sad yesterday, my depression was totally acting up.” We’ve all most likely heard someone say some form of these excuses. Wearing mental illness as a token is bec...

Should crafting be this complicated?

Bianca Geib and Sanjana Chava

May 13, 2019

Dumb “do-it-yourself” (DIY) and craft tutorials have been taking over Instagram and YouTube for less than two years. 5-Minute Crafts on Instagram and TroomTroom on YouTube are notorious for these “crafting” videos. Often these videos will show the viewer how to utilize things such as saws, ...

Admin pushing AP?

Levi Gettleman, A&E Editor

May 13, 2019

For some students, Advanced Placement (AP) courses are a wonderful way to take a more challenging course while also earning college credits in high school. However, this is in no way the only route to earning college credit and being intellectually stimulated at school. In addition to AP courses, Bothell also offe...

Shaping students’ high school education

Sanjana Chava, Feature Editor

May 13, 2019

With more than 2.1 million students taking the SAT every year and 4.9 million AP tests distributed each year, it’s no secret the College Board is making a large profit. According to Business Insider, the College Board has had a yearly revenue of over $750 million and after expenses for creating, gr...

FACE OFF: Should higher education be publicly funded?

Nathan Kowsky and Kailani Jackson

May 13, 2019

Against: The idea of free college sounds appealing, that is no question. But Democratic Candidates Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders’ fantasy simply does not work. At least, if you care about anyone’s money it doesn’t. Before I get into details, I’ll sum it up. If college is free, who pays for it?...

FACE OFF: Tupac vs. Biggie

Stephanie Rodriguez and Rebecca Del La Torre

May 13, 2019

Tupac: Tupac Amaru Shakur, the illustrious king of rap and hip hop, revolutionized west coast rap and brought to the industry gorgeous pieces of music. Tupac was 25 when his catastrophic death was announced on every television screen in America and since then, I believe, no one can show anything ...

Are juice cleanses beneficial?

Mary Conaway, News Editor

May 13, 2019

As summer approaches, many women become more anxious about their “summer bodies” and feel the need to go to extreme measures, such as the juice cleanse, to lose weight. It is so easy nowadays to pick up a phone, use Pinterest and search for “summer diets” which seems like the perfect solution...

America is addicted to sugary Starbucks drinks!

Mary Conaway, News Editor

May 13, 2019

I love Starbucks. Before I moved to Washington, the only fun thing to do in my small town was wait in line at our friendly neighborhood Safeway Starbucks (yes, the only one they had). My Starbucks outings have slightly decreased since then, now going about twice a week. So, I feel strongly I am an ...

Shedding a light on the dangers of Xenon headlights

Bianca Geib, Forum Editor, Co-Online Editor

May 13, 2019

Xenon bulbs should be illegal in cars. They are very popular and are the brightest type of car headlight. They also emit blue/white tones, as opposed to LED lights which can emit any tone. This is another reason they should be banned; the blue/white light can cause more damage to eyes than other ...

From the mouth of a fashion fiend

Rebecca Del La Torre, Reporter

May 13, 2019

The fashion industry has evolved from the 19th century until now. There are patterns, fabrics, and colors, and just clothing items that shouldn’t be worn out in the eyes of the public. "What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion...

Instagram “comedy videos” continue to rise in popularity

Stephanie Rodriguez, Reporter

April 3, 2019

Ever since Vine was terminated in 2017, Viners (people who created the 6 second long videos) started transitioning to something bigger and better: Instagram. In Vine, many were actually amusing but Instagram has become the ugly cousin of Vine. An article by Zubi Ahmed titled Instagram comedians are ki...