The voice of the students

The Catamount

The voice of the students

The Catamount

The voice of the students

The Catamount

The Peaceful Island of Nod

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You open your eyes and see a bright, starry night sky. You are lying on a grassy field surrounded by blooming flowers, it looks like the beginning of spring. 

Huh, this feels familiar. You’ve been here before, right? You have been very busy with high school and life, so you may have forgotten about this place.

You hear a familiar meow behind you. Turning around, you see the gray cat with glowing yellow eyes and a little orange nose. It gives a cheerful smile; it seems happy to see you again. The cat then starts to walk across the soft grass, probably wanting you to follow. As you get up and follow the cat, you look around more. You are in a large flower field, where you can barely see the cabin from your last visit, and a foggy forest is in the distance. 

Taking in the sights, you notice the cat has stopped near some roses and is observing you expectantly. You decide to walk over and examine the roses, they are vibrant red with an enchanting smell. You then see the cat looking at you with a rose in its mouth. It drops the rose in front of you; a gift, perhaps? 

You decide to accept the gift as the cat happily meows and goes back to moving. You follow behind while putting the gifted rose in your pocket. The rest of the walk is uneventful, so you let your thoughts wander. 

You think about what you must do when you wake up: tests to study for and projects to complete. You begin to think about all the tests and projects you have already completed. Your thoughts are cut off as you notice the cat stop in front of a large lake.

The lake is changing colors, from red to green and blue to orange. It’s mesmerizing. You turn your attention to the cat, who is looking at you and gesturing towards the lake. The cat then walks into the lake and begins to swim. You think for a moment and decide to slowly enter the lake as well. The water feels warm and relaxing, you move to lay on your back and enjoy the feeling. The cat swims towards you and climbs onto your stomach, then curls up and begins to purr softly. You float further towards the center of the lake and feel your eyes begin to grow heavy.

As you float on the Rainbow Lake, you take some time to reflect. You’ve spent a lot of time stressing over school that you never gave yourself a chance to sit back, relax, and realize how far you have come. Only half a semester left before the end of high school, there were some rough spots but you managed to get this far. You should recognize and appreciate that. With that thought in your mind, you close your eyes and wake up.

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