Artist Spotlight: Lilla Tillo


Lilla Tillo


You could be sitting next to the next groundbreaking musician. BHS senior, Lilla Tillo, is a talented singer-songwriter. She plays guitar, sings and produces her songs using Ableton (a digital music production software). She takes inspiration from her grandpa and dad who  got her into guitar when she was younger. While we were listening to Katy Perry on repeat, so was Lilla and it really inspired her. Her music falls into the punk-rock genre with a few leisurely acoustic songs. If you listen to bands like Falling in Reverse and Destroy Boys you should definitely check her out. Lilla says she has found lots of support in the BHS community and that it is super motivating when teammates or classmates ask her about her music. This year, Lilla is taking AP music theory which will enhance her understanding of music and is a great stepping stone for her future. After talking to Lilla about her future plans she said, “I don’t have plans as much as I have hopes, I want to sing in a band of my own, potentially make music that is sorta popular, I know the type of music I make is not for everybody”(Lilla Tillo (23’)). Lilla’s most recent song, released on November 5th, is called “you’re mesmerized by me ”. Her music can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, and Youtube with the name, ‘Lilla Tillo’. I wish Lilla luck and hope she finds success in her future.

If hearing about Lilla inspired you, it’s never too late to start getting into music. Mrs. Gaudet, AP music theory teacher, says piano is a good basis for all music because it has the most visual representation of notes, you learn rhythm on both hands, and you learn how to read bass and treble clef. Ms. Gaudet plays the oboe and english horn and has played with the Everett Philharmonic Orchestra. Her favorite thing about being in music education is that it’s a common language that is easy to share with other people. If you have no experience in music, there are still plenty of options. Mrs. Gaudet recommends BHS guitar, piano, and concert choir classes. Maybe YOUR music will be next on my playlist.