Perfect Imperfections

Some are deaf and hear the world.

Some are blind and see the future.

Some are crippled and walk ’till the end.

Others are religious and commit every sin.


Some are weak and lend a hand.

Some are ill and create cures.

Some are depressed and spread happy memories.

Others are enlightened and learn absolutely nothing.


While these thoughts ought to never be perfect.

Simultaneously, it ought to never be imperfect. 

What can be considered flaws,

Are really perfect imperfections.


There is nature:

Pretty and green.

Then there is human nature:

Also, pretty and green.


There is survival:

Hungry and alone.

Then there is societal survival:

Also, hungry and alone.


There are dreams:

Ambitious and flawed.

Then there are American dreams:

Also, ambitious and flawed.


For if nature looked into my eyes,

Saw my pupils going wide,

Knowing the nature from which I come,

Would it approve of such?


Human nature,

Similar to nature,

But pretty in the sense of unity,

And lost to the greens we call money.



Similar to societal survival,

But men and women starve on the streets,

And alone on bitter cold nights.



Similar to American dreams,

But ambitious passions lead them astray,

And hopelessly flawed, thinking it’s okay.


Perfect things are made imperfect,

Therefore nothing can ever be perfect.

Thoughts, beliefs, objects, and concepts,

All perfect imperfections.


You are perfect because you are imperfect, 

Your imperfections make you perfect,

So don’t tell yourself you are or aren’t perfect,

Because we are all perfect imperfections.