The McRib changed my life


Stone Wolfgang holding McRib, Wolfgang, 2021

The McRib: America’s favorite sandwich made with pickles, onions, and a “rack of ribs.” This sandwich has had its share of feedback from many people, both positive and negative. According to a survey that we offered to the school, a whopping 280 out of 372 people were disgusted by the McRib. This is a harsh opinion for pickles and “ribs,” though it can be understandable why some people hate it. All you need to do is search up a photo and you’ll quickly understand why some think it’s disgusting. 

For some brief history on this sandwich: the McRib was originally introduced in 1981, but after harsh feedback, it was taken off the menu just 4 years later. This makes sense when you think about it; the 80s were full of interesting ideas and this was certainly a stretch. Years later, the McRib was taken on and off the menu up until its official 2020 release. This release has shown national interest in this sandwich and after noticing ads for it everywhere, I knew this was my next adventure. Originally, I had the same idea that this sandwich was a disgrace, but after my first bite, my perspective certainly changed. 

Eating this sandwich was fun. My whole family laughed at the idea of me eating the McRib and it proved them wrong. On my first bite I was hit with barbecue- and lots of it! If you like bbq, this is a snack for you! I was then hit with a mix of both pickles and onions. This mix of tangy and sweet was certainly enjoyable and even an hour after eating it, I could still taste BBQ; almost like the McRib spray-painted my mouth. 

The presentation was indeed the worst factor about this because it did not look satisfying at all. If I could change anything, I would certainly make the McRib look more delightful than what was presented to me.

 I was also interested to see what the McDonalds workers had to say regarding the McRib. One Bothell student who wished to remain anonymous said, “first of all, it’s nasty. It’s prepared with pre-cooked “ribs” put in a steamer to preserve the meat. Then we slather it with bbq sauce, put it on a roll, and place onions and pickles on it.” When asked about the hype surrounding it they said, “It does not deserve hype in my opinion.” Hearing this person say this was no surprise to me. When you eat a McRib, you never know what you are biting into and oftentimes it is best not to think about what is probably in the ‘ribs.’

  Overall I will give this sandwich a 4.2 out of 5 because the McRib was honestly amazing but lacked in the presentation. I would go out of my way to get this sandwich- which is not something I do that often. Also, if you are debating on trying it, go for it! It is something that you can laugh at and say you did it. And remember to just take a bite before you think about what you are eating!

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