The weirdest stuff at Walmart – $10 challenge


Stone Wolfgang holds up his finds in front of Walmart!

Walmart is no doubt one of the happiest places in the world! What would America look like without Walmart? Seriously, can you imagine the world without Walmart? For me, Walmart has always been a magic 8 ball: you never know what you are going to get. Almost every time I walk past the Poptart, Oreo, or cereal aisles, I always find something new, so I challenged myself to find the strangest things at Walmart, and here is what I found:

To start, I found Sour Patch Kids marshmallows! Yes, essentially sour lime marshmallows. It looked awful and I ultimately decided to pass on the weird find. 

Next was the Ramen aisle and believe me- I am no expert on Ramen, but they had very spicy ramen. It had a 6/6 spice level so this is not me being wimpy. When I ate it, my mouth felt like it was on fire! If you are into Ramen and you are okay with a little spice, definitely come to Walmart! 

They also had green filled Twinkies which looked as repulsive as something that the Grinch would eat! My favorite surprise of the journey had to be the cereal aisle. They had Elf on the Shelf cereal and get this- Buddy the Elf cereal! The Elf on the Shelf cereal was honestly horrid. It tasted like peppermint, and peppermint should never belong in cereal. The real interesting surprise was Buddy the Elf Cereal. This one had Christmas tree marshmallows and puffs that tasted like maple syrup! That’s right, maple syrup cereal, and it is genuinely 5/5 star cereal even though I had low expectations.

My journey to Walmart was an interesting one, to say the least, but I think I learned something. There are so many fun things to do in Bothell, but Walmart always delivers on a fun experience! So grab some masks and friends and head over to Walmart because they always have something new and weird!

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