FACE OFF: Tupac vs. Biggie

Who is really the greatest hip-hop artist of all times, anyway?

Stephanie Rodriguez and Rebecca Del La Torre


Tupac Amaru Shakur, the illustrious king of rap and hip hop, revolutionized west coast rap and brought to the industry gorgeous pieces of music. Tupac was 25 when his catastrophic death was announced on every television screen in America and since then, I believe, no one can show anything but respect and admiration for Pac.

Tupac’s music was deep and woven with philosophy and literature; every beat, every verse, and every lyric was so raw and vivid it painted a picture of his life into our psyche. No artist has ever been able to achieve the amount of albums Pac has; a groundbreaking 25 and among his most respected are All Eyez on Me (1996), Me Against the World (1995), and Until the End of Time (2001) which was released posthumously after his death.

The all time debate of Tupac vs Biggie Smalls is greater than any. I’m not here to affront Biggie because he was a great rapper too, one of the best and  ; the prince of flow, but when I say prince, I mean prince. Tupac did not require a crown for all eyes to be on him because after all he did “peep the weakness in the rap game and sewed it.”



The Notorious B.I.G aka (Biggie) and Tupac are both extraordinary artists; I could listen to their music on repeat. But when it comes to who is a better MC,  Biggie is the one who should take the title of “King of Hip Hop

At 10 or 11 Biggie began rapping on the streets to entertain people, and performed with local groups from Brooklyn. At around 12, he started dealing drugs and continued as a adult. Biggie turned these experiences into rap about his rough past, helping popularize his music. This shows Biggie had better storytelling because of what he encountered.

Biggie didn’t have any ghostwriters. Do I need to say more? In fact Biggie was a ghostwriter himself and wrote many hits for artist like a female MC Lil Kim. Biggie also gave many opportunities to new up and coming rappers like jadakiss, Cam’ron, Mase, etc. Tupac had a ghostwriter named “Deadly threat” that wrote raps for him.

I personally think Tupac’s music is overrated, but I will say he had remarkable poetry and will always be a legendary MC. Biggie will always be timeless. He and his music created a platform for female mcs but for rappers nowadays to aspire for.