Instagram “comedy videos” continue to rise in popularity

Teens are taking to Instagram to share content labeled as comedic, despite the true nature of these videos.

Stephanie Rodriguez, Reporter

Ever since Vine was terminated in 2017, Viners (people who created the 6 second long videos) started transitioning to something bigger and better: Instagram. In Vine, many were actually amusing but Instagram has become the ugly cousin of Vine. An article by Zubi Ahmed titled Instagram comedians are killing comedy states “If something is labeled comedy my brain is prepared to laugh but once I watch one of these videos, my brain feels betrayed.”

Influencers insult common intelligence by calling their videos “comedy” when it is clearly something else. Many of them post videos about their abs and try to make funny punchlines during the video; many of which turn out to be hinting sexual assault or even rape. The problem is that this so-called “comedy” is available to a whole generation of tech-savvy generation z’ers. Through these so-called funny videos, the only thing these comedians manage is to make a complete joke of themselves and their “comedy”.

In conclusion, this type of content is very unoriginal and unfunny, not to mention offensive to actual comedians who take put in their time and sweat into fresh, new comedic lines for a mature audience. As Zubi Ahmed states, “ Don’t get me wrong, there is definitely funny stuff on Instagram just not what Instagram personally labels as comedy.” And to that, I can’t help but agree.